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Still Updating

I am trying to update my blog for my own benefit.  I can’t always remember what I do year to year, so it’s nice to go back and read my own blog.

A year ago this past October, Nicole and I took a trip that I have been wanting to go on for a very long time.  After reading Susan Branch’s book about her trip to England, I made reservations and packed up and went!  Just like that!

IMG_1550 (Small)

Buddy drove me to the airport.  He looks like he is sleeping.  It was kind of early in the morning.

IMG_1552 (Small)

However, I was ready to go!

IMG_1554 (Small)

I met up with Nicole at Newark airport.  We had great seats and lots of room to spread out.

IMG_1555 (Small)

Flying is one of my least favorite things to do.  Nicole can sleep but I cannot.

IMG_1556 (Small)

The sun beginning to set .

IMG_1557 (Small)

It was really beautiful.  Nicole took these pictures because she sits by the window.  I like the aisle seat.  I had at the time a very bad knee problem.  Since then I had a total knee replacement in May.

IMG_1559 (Small)

What a wonderful welcome.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get started.

We took a cab to the hotel and as we were driving I just keep taking pictures.

IMG_1560 (Small)

IMG_1561 (Small)

Couldn’t wait to get out and get a picture of us in the phone booth.

IMG_1562 (Small)

IMG_1564 (Small)

IMG_1565 (Small)

IMG_1568 (Small)

IMG_1569 (Small)

IMG_1572 (Small)

After we got settled into our hotel room, Nicole had made reservations at the Savoy for tea before she left the states.  I was thrilled!  The Savoy!  Couldn’t wait.  We caught another cab and off we went.

IMG_1583 (Small)

It’s difficult to see the Savoy sign in this picture.  When we left the sun had set and the sign was more visible.

IMG_1582 (Small)

When Nicole was little we always pretended to have high tea at her little table and chairs set.  Here I was in London, for real, getting ready to have tea.  The lobby was just beautiful with all it’s beautiful flowers.

IMG_1577 (Small)

IMG_1581 (Small)

IMG_1587 (Small)

IMG_1579 (Small)

This picture is looking into the tea room.  Nicole is on the right checking our reservation.

IMG_1575 (Small)

While we were waiting we watched a man making fudge.

IMG_1576 (Small)IMG_1578 (Small)

More beautiful flowers.

IMG_1580 (Small)

The waiting area was so warm and elegant.

IMG_1586 (Small)

IMG_1589 (Small)

This was looking straight up when seated in the tea room.

IMG_1588 (Small)

As you can see I had to use my cane the entire time I was in England.  At times I also had to use my walker.  My leg was not going to stop me.  I did learn that in England they are not as accommodating to the handicap  as the USA .

IMG_1591 (Small)

Finally seated.

IMG_1590 (Small) Let the tea party begin!

IMG_1592 (Small)

The china was beautiful!  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything.

IMG_1594 (Small)

Just a sampling of some of our goodies.

IMG_1595 (Small)

Now isn’t that just elegant?

IMG_1596 (Small)

IMG_1597 (Small)

The tea was delicious.  We asked our server what she recommended and I chose the vanilla tea.  Before we left I purchased some to take home.  I still have some left.  I use it sparingly.

IMG_1598 (Small)The other tea pot was Nicole’s.  I don’t remember what she had.

IMG_1593 (Small)     Two happy ladies that had their dream come true.  Before we left we went and checked out the ladies room.

IMG_1600 (Small)

It was amazing!

IMG_1601 (Small)

Look at that mural in back of me.  This was only one part of the ladies room.

IMG_1602 (Small)

IMG_1603 (Small)

I love this picture.  As I was taking the picture, Nicole stepped into the shot.  I love how she is looking at the painting.

IMG_1604 (Small)

Another lovely painting.

IMG_1605 (Small)

When we left the sun had set and the sign out side was more visible .

IMG_1599 (Small)

My first day in London was everything I expected and more.  Couldn’t wait to see what was in store for the next two weeks.

If it takes me this long to write about my first day, I don’t know how I can cover the next two weeks.



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