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It’s been soooo long!

Nothing like 5 years going by in the wink of an eye. I guess I was too busy living my life instead of blogging. It seems like I have lived a lifetime in those 5 years. So much Joy and so much sorrow.
The reason I want to start blogging again is not for anyone but myself. It’s nice to go back and relive those times in your life that you thought were mundane or times you’re afraid you might forget.
I am going to start with the trip I just finished with my wonderful daughter and traveling mate, Nicole. We spent 3 weeks on holiday (I love that word so much better than vacation) in Norway. Well really, it took one week over on the Queen Mary II, one week in Norway, and another week back on the Queen Mary II. We left on July 28th and returned to the states on August 18th. I dd not arrive home until Aug 21. More about that later.
I have had 5 crossings on the QMII. The first time was a gift from Nicole for my 70th birthday. Never say the QMII is a cruise!!! It’s a Crossing. That’s how everyone at Cunard describe it. We were fortunate that on the way over was Fashion Week, and on the way back it was The English National Ballet Company. These crossings are all about culture, not water slides, fun fairs, and wild parties. You have Carnival for that.
We met the most interesting people from all over and one lady that has been on holiday since March and she will finish up in October. WOW! She is from Australia and when she arrives home she will have circumnavigated the world with never stepping on an airplane.

My sailor is ready to travel.

First order of business was to order my favorite non-alcoholic drink.

One of my favorite places to relax on board is the Chart Room.

Always get a pedicure when traveling so I can take a picture of my feet on board!

The USA was racing in Southampton.

The cabin next to ours had a leak and the water ran into our cabin. It was no big problem and they had it cleaned up in no time. For our inconvenience, housekeeping sent us a bottle of wine and some delicious chocolates.

On board waiting for the sun set.

Nothing like a sunset at sea.

Nicole and her friend watching the sun set.

Nicole went and got a late night snack after the sun set.

Next stop–

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