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Today was AIA, or better known as Art in the Afternoon.  We all met at Sue’s lovely home in North Asheville.  She set up a couple of tables in her garage so we could experiment dying silk scarfs.  We had a chance to practice on some scrap silk, however, it was really difficult to get the depth of the markers, and the amount of the alcohol  just right.  We created some beautiful pieces as you can see in the following photos.

 Jan and Donna consulting with each other.

Gerlinde can really get down and dirty.

Who’s feet????

Helen is so proud of her beautiful piece.  It really is pretty, Helen.

Everyone hard at work.

Oh, Gerlinde, you always do such stunning work.  A true artist!


Great work!

We all had such a good time trying out something new.  Thank you, Sue, for letting us use your space.  Everything went smoothly until I misplaced my keys.  I was frantic looking all over for them.  We checked my pocketbook, and my tote bag.  Twice!  Nothing.  I was sure Helen took them home in her bag.  Then Donna, wonderful Donna, came to the rescue and found them in an extra pocket in my tote bag.  Hugs to you, Donna.   Before I forget, Sue served the best lemon-iced tea ever.  Thanks again, Sue.                                                                                                                                                                  




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