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Better late than never.  I am so far behind in blogging I don’t think I can catch up this year.  My two sisters and Peter are coming to visit for a week.  They will arrive tomorrow.  Gads! I never can get any thing done.  Went to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned.  Not a waste, but it still took time out of my day.

Now for some more beautiful pictures I took at Biltmore months ago.  They are so pretty, I just have to share.

IMG_1103 (Small)

On the drive up to the house.

IMG_1104 (Small)

Beautiful tulips.  These pictures were taken in April.  Only 4 months late in getting them posted.

IMG_1105 (Small)

IMG_1106 (Small)

IMG_1107 (Small)

IMG_1108 (Small)

IMG_1109 (Small)

IMG_1110 (Small)

IMG_1111 (Small)

IMG_1112 (Small)

IMG_1113 (Small)

The red bud trees were just beautiful!

IMG_1114 (Small)

IMG_1115 (Small)

These irises were the prettiest color.  Had to get a picture.

IMG_1116 (Small)IMG_1120 (Small)

Relaxing in the garden.

IMG_1128 (Small)

The multicolored tulips were amazing!

IMG_1129 (Small)

More multicolored tulips.

IMG_1132 (Small)

IMG_1133 (Small)

Look at the hydrangea in back of us.  Gorgeous.

IMG_1134 (Small)

The next group of flowers were in the greenhouse.

IMG_1135 (Small)

IMG_1136 (Small)

IMG_1137 (Small)

IMG_1138 (Small)

IMG_1139 (Small)

IMG_1140 (Small)


IMG_1143 (Small)

Don’t these orchards look like pansys?

IMG_1145 (Small)Everyone loves sunflowers!

IMG_1147 (Small)IMG_1148 (Small)This is the fountain in front of the winery.

We have such a grand time when we go to Biltmore.  I am glad that I once again have a season pass.  The last time I had a pass was back in the 1980’s.  There is so much more to do there now, and the shopping is great!

Until next time..


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