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Behind in Blogging

I went through my pictures the other day and realized that I never posted pictures of my Easter table.  The only reason I am going to post it is because it looked so pretty.

IMG_0891 (Small)

I bought the Easter plates at TJ Maxx’s.  They go so pretty with that china.

IMG_0892 (Small)

I used my silver chargers.

IMG_0893 (Small)

The pink glasses I purchased at an antique store on the way to Buddy’s house.  It’s just this little store way off the beaten path.

IMG_0894 (Small)

You might remember these eggs from a post I did last year.  I made them last year.  I also made an Easter tree.

IMG_0895 (Small)

I bought these cute little rabbits at Tuesday Morning last year.

IMG_0896 (Small)

Here is how the table looked with the shrimp cocktail on the plate.  When ever I have Kelly and David over, I make sure I always have some sort of shrimp.  David loves shrimp.

I will try to do better in blogging.  I have had a visit from my precious Nicole, I’ve been to NYC and have been to Chesapeake Bay.

I have a lot more to say and the pictures to go with them.



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