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Tuesday Morning and Picnic

My favorite store went out of business.  They are tearing down the mall they were in and they will have to relocate.  I just love Tuesday Morning.  I shop there all the time.  They have the best bargains in town.  I came late to the final sale and everything was pretty well picked over.  However, I never leave Tuesday’s without buying something.

IMG_1071 (Small)

I found these adorable place mates and napkins.  I couldn’t believe no one had gotten them.  I have used these many times since April.


IMG_1072 (Small)

These napkins were just too pretty to pass up.  They are very sheer and have cute little roses on them.


IMG_1073 (Small)

This was the bargain of the year.  These chargers are made of shell and look like mother of pearl.  At a regular department store they go for $50 each.  I spent less than $10 for each.  I haven’t used them yet, but soon!


IMG_1074 (Small)

The only time I use paper napkins and paper plates is when we go on a picnic.  I always got my paper goods at Tuesday”s because they always had such a great selection.  The two sets you see above were the only ones left the day that I went.


IMG_1075 (Small)


I  never leave without buying something for my art.

IMG_1076 (Small)

More glitter.  A girl never has too much glitter.


IMG_1077 (Small)

I found this cute bunny for tablescape next Easter.


IMG_1078 (Small)

Now this picnic basket is not from Tuesday Morning.  I purchased it at Bell’s.   I was leaving Belk’s and I spotted these on an end aisle.  I fell in love with the poke a dots and just had to have it.  I was really lucky and it was on sale for half price.  I just love poke a dots!


IMG_1097 (Small)

We packed our new picnic basket and guess where we went on our picnic?


IMG_1081 (Small)

The architecture at the Biltmore House  always amazes me.


IMG_1082 (Small)



IMG_1083 (Small)



IMG_1084 (Small)

This wisteria vine is really old.  Just look at how thick the vine is.  It must be over a hundred years old.


IMG_1085 (Small)

This picture shows the vine in a better light.


IMG_1086 (Small)



IMG_1087 (Small)

We went to stop by the gardens.  The tulips were in bloom.  We came back the next week  and took more pictures.  You’ll see those in another post


IMG_1100 (Small)

I love the black tulips.


IMG_1091 (Small)

The red bud trees were in full bloom.  I think I want one for my front yard.



IMG_1092 (Small)



IMG_1093 (Small)

Don’t know what these are but there was a whole field full of them and they looked so pretty.


IMG_1094 (Small)

Can’t see Biltmore without running into the ducks.


IMG_1095 (Small)



IMG_1096 (Small)



IMG_1079 (Small)

Buddy taking a break.


IMG_1080 (Small)

I wanted Buddy to take a picture of the red bud behind me.  He insist that I get in the picture.


IMG_1089 (Small)

After the gardens we went into the garden shop.  I fell in love with this ceramic piece.  She has such a sweet face.


IMG_1090 (Small)

This one was a little taller.



Nicole likes this one and wishes she owned it.  If it is still there for her birthday, maybe she’ll get one.

Until next time



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