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I have several pictures that really have no title.  I just took some random shots of things I thought were interesting.  Below is a picture of a puzzle that we got for Christmas from Buddy’s daughter, Kelly.  It took awhile but we got it put together.  Route 66.


IMG_1150 (Small)

The next picture is of my friend, Jan.  She is modeling a hat she made for a Derby party.  A bit late with the picture.

IMG_1151 (Small)

Buddy and I have lived here a long time.  I guess we have covered everything there is to cover on the Parkway.  One day we found a dirt road going off to the left just before we got to Pisgah.   We thought, “What the heck.  Let’s go.’ And so a new adventure began.  It was all down hill and we ended up in Mill’s River.  Below are some of the pictures on this very bumpy dirt road.

IMG_1152 (Small)

The above picture is of some wild irises along the road.

IMG_1153 (Small)

IMG_1154 (Small)

We followed this creek all the way down the mountain.  At times it was just a creek, and at other times it was a rushing river!

IMG_1155 (Small)

IMG_1157 (Small)

Another picture of the creek.IMG_1159 (Small)We have fallen in love with this type of tree.  It is some kind of dogwood, however, it blooms last for over a month on the tree.  When other dogwood flowers are long gone, these are still full and beautiful.  Does anyone know anything about this kind of dogwood?

IMG_1160 (Small)

Small water fall on the side of the road.IMG_1161 (Small)Another waterfall on the side of the road.

Below are two pictures of the beautiful cabin that sits on Kelly and David’s property.  I love that cabin.  I told them that when I get old I want to move in.

IMG_1162 (Small)

IMG_1163 (Small)

I have to end this entry.  My darling son in law is waiting to take over my computer and fix all that is wrong with it.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  Every thing I have learned, I have learned from him.  Love you, Chuck!


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