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Before we set sail

Before we get to Norway, there are some things I would like post.  

We have a safety drill at the beginning of each crossing.  Nicole has to take a picture of us in our finery.  After our drill we go to our stateroom to take a picture. We take a picture because the room will NEVER look as organized as it does on the first day.

In the pictures  below, you can see lower Manhattan as we sail away. 

After the celebrating and leaving NYC, we headed up to deck 7 for something to eat.  We had been up since 5:30 am and neither of us had a thing to eat. No matter what time of day, there is always food to be found. They have 24hr room service. Oh, we were spoiled.

Enough for one day.  I am having a terrible time getting the pictures resized to fit the blog.  I have forgotten a lot in 5 years.  It has taken me most of the day to figure these few pictures.  I don’t even know if they will post.  We’ll see.



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