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Day 4

We had a major change in plans today.  We were suppose to stay in the small town, Ballyferriter.  It is locatedon the Dingel Peninsula, overlooking the ocean.  Instead of Ballyferriter and the ocean we headed north to Tralee.  One of the first stops along the way was Inch Beach.  It is located on the Dingle Peninsula.  It was a beautiful beach, however, there were big waves, lots of sand and even more jellyfish. 

It was very windy at Inch Beach.

That’s  me, all bundled up.  Nicole and I walked for a bit but did not get our feet wet as we did at Barley Cove.  Much too windy and cold.

Beautiful home overlooking the beach.

Wherever you looked or walked there were hundreds of jellyfish.

We drove around just a small bit of The Ring Of Kerryu.  We drove through Kemare and Killarney.  Both were beautiful small towns with thatched roofs and plenty of flowers.

We stopped at a place called Molly Gallivans.  Nicole will have a lot of pictures of this stop on her blog.  Make sure you check out Nicole with the pig!  It was here that I bought my beautiful green wool cape with a hood.  You will see a picture of it when we stop at Cliffs of Moher.


We stopped in Kenmare for lunch.  We ate in a little bakery.  We were so busy running around looking at lace we almost missed lunch.


Nicole in line for lunch.

Our lunch.  We started to eat before we took a picture.  We were very hungry.  We shared a table with Cindy.  It was good food and then we rushed back on the bus.

We stopped at several overlooks on the way to our hotel.  They overlooked the Dingle Peninsula.

Nicole poking fun at Todd and Tom.

Tom and Vicki

Cindy painted her toenails green for her trip to Ireland.

On one of the overlooks you could see the small town of Dingle.

The Dingle Peninsula

Rosie and Nicole

Nicole and Dingle in the background.

Me and Todd and the town of Dingle in the background.

Dingle where we bought some lace.  T hat’s Nicole.


Stops on the way to Tralee.

Nicole at an overlook.

Mother and daughter.  Very Happy!!!

Shrine on the side of the road.

We arrived at our hotel  The  bbey Gate Hotel, in Tralee and unpacked and took a short rest.  We had dinner in the hotel that night.   Not a great meal.  We were going to stay and listen to some music, but Nicole was too tired.  Our room faced the front of the hotel and we were right over the entrance.  There was a prom at the hotel and all the kids hung out outside instead of inside.  It was like trying to sleep in a damn bus station!  They were all drunk, cussing , yelling and even throwing up under our window.  I called the desk at 10:15pm and they said they would talk to the manager.  At 11:30pm nothing had been done so I called the desk again.  They did not answer.  Probably knew it was me.  It wasn’t until after 2:30am that all the kids left.  However, the traffic was still noisy.  I didn’t get more the 2 hours of sleep.  Tune in to see what happened.


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