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For Valentine’s Day Buddy and I headed up to Boone once again.  We have a favorite cabin that we just love to stay in.  Last year we had a beautiful snowfall.  As it turned out, it was the only snow we got to see all year.  I’m afraid it’s going to be the same this year.  We didn’t get a snow storm this year.  They had a snow storm the week before Valentine’s Day.  There wasn’t much left but I took a picture anyway because I think it will be the only snow we see this year.


We left on February 13.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to take all the back roads.  I took out my map and we headed north.  Well, our black line roads (the ones on the map that showed one lane roads) turned out to be mostly four lane highways.  I couldn’t believe it!  The map couldn’t be wrong!  I looked at the published date on the map and it said 2006.  Well that explained it.

So much has happened in 7 years.  It wasn’t the interstate so we were still happy.

We reached our destination and were so thankful that our cabin was just as we remembered it to be.

I just love the beautiful twig furniture on the porch.  The porch wraps around two sides of the cabin.  It was warm enough for us to sit outside.

You can see from this picture just how wooded Yonahlassee is.

This rock is in front of the cabin.  It is so beautiful with all the green moss growing on it.  

The cabin is so cozy and warm.  We had a small kitchen and a beautiful fireplace.  I made Buddy turn the heat off so we could use the fireplace.  There isn’t a stove only a microwave oven.  I made a quiche before we left so we only had  to heat it up for dinner.  I brought some of the corn that Kelly grew this summer and I made a big salad.  We didn’t want to go out.  We want to cozy on down for the night.

The next day we headed out to see his cousin, Sue.  She works at a drug store that also is a luncheonette.  We had lunch with Sue and caught up on the latest family news.  Sue had fallen at the store and broke her shoulder a few months back.  She was on the mend and I was amazed how well she was getting around.  After lunch we headed out to do some sight seeing.  What a shock!  I thought they ruined Asheville with all their development, but Asheville has nothing on Boone.  Every where you looked there were hugh homes on the mountain and on the mountain ridge.  Most were in gated communities.  What a mess.  And the saddest part of all, most of these homes are only summer homes.  We couldn’t wait to leave and get back to our cabin.  I know that ASU is located in Boone, but that does not account for all the McMansions.   College students cannot afford such luxuries.  I wonder what happened to the NC ridge laws?  I guess if you have enough money you can get anything you want.  On our way to the cabin we passed a church and Buddy made me take a picture.

Enough said.



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