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Christmas Ornaments


Isn’t that heart beautiful?  This year I decided that if I could find a tall really skinny tree, I would decorate it in my dining room.  Nicole has a lovely tall tree in the room that I sleep in when I visit.  She found her tree when some one was throwing it out in Wilmington.  I haven’t seen any for sale any place around here.  None at Lowe’s , Home Depot, Michael’s, of AC Moore.  Buddy just happen to be in Goodwill one day and he found a beautiful tree for $15.  What a steal!  He snatched that baby up for me and now I have a beautiful tree to decorate.  I had no ornaments.  My precious daughter gave me an early Christmas present while I was there for Thanksgiving.  She gave me box after box of beautiful ornaments.  Let’s take a look!

A box of candy.


 More cupcakes.

Cake, anyone?

More yummy cupcakes.

The picture does not do these eggs justice.  They are so delicate, they look like Faberge Eggs.

Nicole gave me this adorable mermaid several years ago.  It fits in perfectly with the theme of my new tree.

A cute cupcake with a heart on the top.  Below is a picture of what the tree looks like all decorated.

Next year I’ll have to find the perfect topper for the tree.

Nicole arrived home on December 20th.

Nicole piling her bags on top of each other.

She was so tired from the long trip.  She could barely manage a smile.

I was sure glad to see her.  She has such a beautiful smile.  She could brighten anyone’s day.

 Here Buddy is loading her bags into his trunk.  He’s such a sweetheart.


I think this is her new best friend.

We wasted no time in starting our holiday baking.

These are Nicole’s favorite.  Chocolate Crinkles.

I showed Nicole how I wanted the snowflakes decorated and she just took over.  She did an amazing job.

The stars were also fun to decorate.

Such concentration!

Almost finished.  While Nicole was decorating cookies, I was making meatballs for baked ziti.

Buddy’s daughter, Kelly, and her husband, David, were coming over for dinner on Sunday and I had to get things ready.  Before they came over, we went to their house for dinner on Saturday.

Nicole relaxing at Kelly and David’s house.

David did the cooking.  He is one amazing cook.  It’s not the first time we have been to dinner.  Each time he cooks it’s so delicious I want to take him home with me to do my cooking.

Table set.

Everything David cooked came from his garden.  The corn and beans were to die for.  I had seconds.  I’m not a fan of mashed potatoes, however these were the best I have ever had.  I’m also not a big fan of meatloaf, but this was so good, I got his recipe. 

Even the dog couldn’t get enough!

We were so full after dinner we did nothing but relax.

Kelly and David’s tree. 

Next time dinner at our house.


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