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Fresh Seafood in Asheville

I don’t have to go to the beach to get fresh sea food any more.  However, that will not stop me from going several times a year.

While Nicole was here I took Buddy and Nicole out to eat at Blue Water Sea food on Charlotte Street.

I have been there many times and enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait to take Nicole.

Nicole’s eyes bugged out when she found out she could have fresh steamed clams.  We had several dozen.  Yummy!

After lunch we went shopping in the store next store, the  Foundry.

While she was here, I also took her to another favorite restaurant of mine in Black Mountain.  The Black Bird.  There food is the freshest around.  We started out meal with cantaloupe soup.  It was just to die for.  I asked our server if the chef ever gives out his recipes.  She said she would ask him.  She came back a few minutes later with pen and paper.  She said the chef would email me the recipe if I gave him my email address.  I gave it, but I really didn’t expect to hear from him.

Now isn’t that the most delicious thing ever?

Nicole had a fried green sandwich.

I had their fresh greens with slices of rare roast beef.  It was amazing!  Everything they serve here is delicious!

We ate inside because it was raining outside.

She’s happy to be home, but I am more so.  She is my heart.

Even though it was raining, I made sure I got pictures of their beautiful flower boxes.

What a lovely day.  Now if she just lived a bit closer, we could do this more often instead of once a year. 🙂

Another day we decided to do some shopping in Hendersonville.  Nicole was very good and she just purchase small something.  I went all out and bought a new top and a beautiful ring.  Love my ring!  After shopping we went to have lunch.  The food wasn’t too bad, however, as we were leaving we noticed that the health rating was not up to par.  Buddy about had a coronary after reading that.  He’ll never step foot in that restaurant again.

This is a picture of our dessert.  I don’t know about the rating, but this dessert was delicious.  All 3 of us shared it.

Nicole and I on the streets in Hendersonville

Great day!!



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