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Jerome, AZ

Our first morning in Jerome we went down to breakfast and a feast awaited us.  The innkeeper makes everything from scratch.

The quiche was delicious as was all the beautiful fresh fruit and juices.  I usually don’t eat muffins, however, these were just too good to pass up.

 Nicole on our balcony getting ready to tour the town of Jerome.

This shop is a fun place.  It’s so much fun they post a note in the window telling you that you cannot take pictures.  I guess they think we would steal their ideas.  Buddy found a new friend waiting for him outside the shop.After touring Jerome, we had lunch at our favorite restaurant.  The Haunted Hamburger has the best burgers around.  The restaurant sits on top of the mountain and offers spectacular views.  We were lucky to get a window right next to one of the spectacular views.  Buddy took some great pictures, I did not.


After lunch we went to look at the Little Daisy Mine.  You can read about it above and below.  They placed a very thick clear top on the shaft and we could see all the way down until it got too dark to see any further.

The elevator that took you down into the mine.

After the Little Daisy we drove around the mountain enjoying the beautiful scenery.  That is a J in the distance for Jerome.That is a good view of Jerome and how it sits on the side of a mountain.

Right after this picture was taken, I stepped into some mean briers.  And boy do I mean MEAN!  I was wearing my Tevas so my feet really suffered.  Nicole and Chuck and Buddy got a good laugh at my expense.  They were so mean, the took a picture of mean bending over with my butt in the air.  I don’t have the picture and I don’t think I would post it if I did have it.  Pay back is Hell.

Just a tourist trap.  We didn’t tour it, we only went into the gift shop to shop.  Got to get in our daily allowance of shopping.

This was just a random picture that took itself.  I didn’t know it was on my camera until I down loaded the pictures.  I think it looks kind of artsy.

That night we were too tired to go out to eat.  We ordered in and gathered in our sitting room.  We played Water Works until very late.  Buddy was the all time winner.Nicole was comfy in her PJ’s.  Notice the wallpaper in back of Nicole.

We left around 11:00am the next morning.  We pasted this sign to Clarkdale and I just had to take a picture of it.  It is really a very pretty sign.  Below is a close up.  You can see the train better.We got home and took a nap because we had plans to go to the Zoo Lights that night.  Wow, is all I can say about that.  Wait until you see the pictures!

















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