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I Found Them

This is why I hate to buy things after Christmas.  I buy them and then I forget that I bought them!  I purchased a beautiful beach house putz house and two angels after Christmas last year.  I forgot that I had them until I looked at my pictures and remembered that I bought them.  Since they were not with the regular Christmas decorations (I had put them in the attic) I forgot about them.  I dug them out of my craf troom closet yesterday.  Take a  look.

Isn’t she adorable!!

This is the sweetest angel I have.  I love the tree and the present she is holding.

My precious angels.

Oh, to have a beach house like this in Wilmington! 


1 comment to I Found Them

  • Look at you go with your big bad blogger self! I love that putz style house. Does it light up? You got those things at Bayberry Cove right?

    Gotta scoot! Love and miss you! Just a few more days.

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