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Going for a Ride

Last weekend Buddy and I took a ride to Black Mountain to eat lunch and then ride by the neighborhood that he lived in as a small child.

Our first stop was the Blackbird Restaurant.  I have posted pictures of this restaurant before.  Buddy had never been before so I thought it would be fun.  The weather was very hot and humid, so we did not eat out side.

Outside the Blackbird

You know it’s hot when you see me wear sleeveless.  I never wear sleeveless.  The flower I am holding in my hands is a gardenia from my own plant.  Buddy’s daughter, Kelly gave me the plant several months ago.  We almost lost it, but with re potting and lots of tender loving care, it has produced many flowers.

While we were eating, I put the flower in the vase on the table.

Close up of the beautiful and fragrant gardenia.  They are my favorite flower.

Buddy waiting for his meal.  We were so hungry, I didn’t take any pictures of our food.

After lunch we set out to see Buddy’s old neighborhood.  The first place we stop at was the Sunshine School where he went when he was very young.  It is no longer a school but a private home.  Don’t you just love the stone walls?

The old Sunshine School

Next we went to where his house use to stand.  They tore it down to make room for a parking lot for the church.  Very sad.  If you look way in the back, Buddy thinks that is the same big tree that was in his back yard.  I like to think that it is.

It’s the tree with the largest trunk.

This is the church that they built on his parents’ property.

This is one of the many stone buildings in Montreat.  I thought it was so pretty with all the stones and arch ways.

I had to get a picture of this store.  Buddy said that this store has been here forever.  It was there when he was a little boy.  They carry just about a little of everything.  Just like an old time general store.

It was really cute.

Guess who came to visit me last weekend and plopped down on my new couch?

Can you guess?

My Buddy!!!!

Blessing to you all!

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