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This is a very difficult day for me and I’m sure many other people all over the world.  Unless you have been touched by war, I don’t think people give this day too much thought.  Just a three day weekend.  Difficult for me because Richard died on June 2nd.  No matter what happens in my life I will and can never forget that day.  How do you forget the day you lose your soul mate?  You don’t.

We went to Vera’s house yesterday for dinner.  Buddy, Larry, (Buddy’s brother) and Allison came over.  Buddy made the slaw, and I brought a beautiful pot full of petunias.  The food was out standing.  Vera is one Hell of a cook.  I have never had anything of hers that I didn’t just love.

Buddy preparing the slaw Sunday morning.

Trying to give me a taste of slaw.

Vera’s beautiful living room.  Buddy playing with Allison’s leg once again.

A little dark, but Vera fixing the salmon.

Isn’t this salmon not beautiful?  It’s 3 and 1/2 pounds.  Vera had to cut it to fit in the pan.

Vera’s dog, Skippy.Isn’t he just the cutiest thing?  He is so loving and happy.  I had a ball playing “Keep away” with him.  He was hilarious.

Buddy and Allison behaving themselves.

Larry just in heaven after drinking Vera’s wonderful lemon iced tea.

The salmon after it was baked.  Vera put a wonderful sauce on top to serve.

Larry helping set the table.

Our wonderful hostess.

You can’t see him in this picture, but Larry is looking down at Skippy and talking with him about the food.  Skippy got his after we finished ours.

As you can see in this picture Skippy sat up to take more notice of the food and Larry.  Isn’t that dog just precious?

Happy people.

Love that dog!!!!!!

So good to see Allison doing so well!

Blurry Vera.

Allison had on this beautiful vest and Buddy wanted to take her picture next to Vera’s green cabinet.

Vera and Larry in an intense conversation.

Three girls with Larry’s head in the background.

Three girls without Larry.

The view from Vera’s dining room is just beautiful.  She has a deck that over looks these beautiful red tress she had planted.  If it wasn’t too hot we would have sat outside.

Dessert!  Lemon pie!

Second dessert!  Strawberry rhubarb pie.  I had a slice of this pie.  It was delicious.

We had great food, great company, a great hostess, good conversations and a good time had by all.

Think about how lucky we all are and thank a vet.

Blessings to all our living and dead soldiers.

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