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I  forgot to mention that on Friday, after our naps, we headed over to Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village.  This is a unique and beautiful built shopping center.  It’s all about the arts.  There are beautiful sculptures   outside of all the shops.  There are fountains everywhere, even the stairs are something to be hold.  I purchased a beautiful piece of turquoise for my silver slide.  We didn’t stay too long because we had to be up and out by 5 the next morning.

Beautiful arch ways.

Beautiful tile steps.

One of many fountains.

This was outside one of the stores.

This has to be my favorite sculpture.


More Javelinas.

This is the entrance to the village.  It is truly a beautiful place to shop.

After our balloon ride we took a quick nap and headed out to do some serious shopping.  We stopped at Garland’s first.  This is an amazing jewelry store.  The most beautiful sterling silver and gem stones any where in AZ are to be had here.  I went a little wild and bought another turquoise slide, and a beautiful 1940’s ring.  The ring is Snowflake Obsidian.  It is black with white looking snowflakes running through it.  Got to see it!It is from an old Navajo collection.

Because it was so hot, we went to a really neat clothing store so I could buy something sleeveless.  Now, I never ever wear sleeveless.  Old fat arms are nothing to look at.  I bought two really cute tops.  Tie dyed-very 60’s and very cute.

That night I took Nicole out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  We went to her favorite restaurant in Sednoa.   I had the best Margarita I have ever had.  Never knew there could be such a difference in taste.  Our server said that he was going to serve me the Cadillac of Margaritas and he was right on.  Wish I knew how to make one like the one I had.

After dinner we went back to our cabin and did some reading and then went to bed.  Remember, there is no TV in the cabins.  Such nice quiet.


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