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Washington, DC

When we returned from our cruise we repacked and headed up to DC for the Cherry Blossoms.  Last year we were too late, and this year we were too early by 3 days.  Next year we are going to nab it!

IMG_0899 (Small)

Here we are on the Metro.  What a fun way to get around DC.

IMG_0906 (Small)

The Capitol.


IMG_0904 (Small)

Outside Union Station.

IMG_0909 (Small)

One of the many museums of the Smithsonian.

IMG_0911 (Small)

These were the only cherry trees blooming in DC.  That is the Castle.

IMG_0912 (Small)Another museum.

IMG_0917 (Small)Working on the Washington Monument.

IMG_0918 (Small)Lots of tourist waiting to see the blossoms.
IMG_0919 (Small)

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

IMG_0920 (Small)IMG_0921 (Small)We rode the Big Bus Tour.  It was an open air bus that transported you all over DC.  We rode on the top and about froze our tails off.  We got off at one stop and bought mittens and a head scarf.  Oh! was it cold.  I loved every minute of it.

IMG_0923 (Small)Pitiful cherry tree on the street of DC.

IMG_0926 (Small)We went inside and it was here that we saw Julia Child’s kitchen, Kermit the Frog, Wicked’s original dress and Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

IMG_1061 (Small)Julia’s kitchen.

IMG_1062 (Small)Julia’s kitchen.

IMG_1063IMG_1064 (Small)Julia’s Emmy!IMG_1055 (Small)Dorothy’s original ruby slippers.
IMG_1058 (Small)

Kermit wearing a black armband.  Mrs. Henson had just died two days previously.

IMG_1060 (Small)

The original dress worn in Wicked.  One of my favorite musicals.

IMG_0927 (Small)IMG_0928 (Small)IMG_1035 (Small)IMG_1036 (Small)
IMG_1037 (Small)


Mrs Lincoln’s tea service.IMG_1027 (Small)

I’m a sucker for the beautiful dresses the First Ladies wore during their time in the White House.  I did know who belonged to all these dresses, however, it has been so long since I’ve posted, I lost my list with their names.

IMG_1028 (Small)

An oldie.

IMG_1029 (Small)IMG_1030 (Small)IMG_1031 (Small)

This was really beautiful.  The front of the dress was all hand beaded.IMG_1032 (Small)

You can see it a little better in this picture.

IMG_1033 (Small)

Jackie O’s pearls.

IMG_1038 (Small)

Mrs Lincoln’s dress.

IMG_1039 (Small)

Mrs Lincoln’s purse.

IMG_1056 (Small)

Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch.  Oh, how I would have loved to touch that.

IMG_1040 (Small)IMG_1041 (Small)

This dress was worn by Hilary Clinton.

IMG_1042 (Small)

This dress was worn by Nancy Reagan.

IMG_1043 (Small)This was worn by Roslyn Carter.

IMG_1044 (Small)IMG_1045 (Small)

This is Mrs Obama’s dress.

IMG_1046 (Small)

Mrs Obama’s dress was really more beautiful in person than on the TV.  This is a close up of all  the hand sewn  crystals in the train of her dress.  It was really beautiful!

IMG_1047 (Small)

Some of the china on display.

IMG_1048 (Small)

Beautiful wildflowers on the rim of these dishes.

IMG_1049 (Small)IMG_1050 (Small)

Feel in love with this oyster dish.

IMG_1051 (Small)

Beautiful crystal.

IMG_1052 (Small)IMG_1053 IMG_1054 (Small)

I loved the belt on this dress.

IMG_0971 (Small)

That night we went to Positano’s for dinner.

IMG_0970 (Small)

The wall as you enter the restaurant.

IMG_0966 (Small)

I had the spaghetti and clam sauce.

IMG_0967 (Small)

I forgot what Buddy had.  It does look good.


IMG_0968 (Small)

For dessert, cannoli!

Went to bed early because we had another big day ahead.

IMG_0972 (Small)

Outside Positano’s

IMG_0973 (Small)

Outside Union Station.

IMG_0974 (Small)IMG_0975 (Small)IMG_1019 (Small)

Traveling to the was museum.

IMG_0978 (Small)

IMG_0979 (Small)

Abe and I just having a chat.IMG_0980 (Small)

Trying to bring the North and South together.

IMG_0981 (Small)

IMG_0984 (Small)

IMG_0985 (Small)

IMG_0986 (Small)

IMG_0987 (Small)

IMG_0988 (Small)

IMG_0989 (Small)

IMG_0991 (Small)


IMG_0994 (Small)

Rosa Parks.

IMG_0995 (Small)

IMG_0996 (Small)

IMG_0997 (Small)

IMG_0998 (Small)

IMG_0999 (Small)

How Whitney got in there I don’t know.


IMG_1001 (Small)

IMG_1002 (Small)

Buddy wishing he could go into outer space.

IMG_1004 (Small)

IMG_1005 (Small)

This is a was figure of Madame Tussaud.

IMG_1006 (Small)

She was a lovely tiny woman.

IMG_1007 (Small)

IMG_1008 (Small)

IMG_1009 (Small)

IMG_1010 (Small)

IMG_1011 (Small)

IMG_1013 (Small)

IMG_1014 (Small)

IMG_1022 (Small)IMG_1018 (Small)Cherry tree at the Smithsonian.

After our tour we went back to Union Station to get the Metro home and we stopped to get a bite to eat.

IMG_1024 (Small)


IMG_1025 (Small)

Even more tired.

Until next time



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