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On a Dime

My wonderful mother use to say that your life can turn on a dime.  

This is a picture of Buddy and I getting ready to head out to Charlotte.   Nicole and Chuck gave us tickets to the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 for Christmas.  We have waited 5 months to go!  Look below and you can see, I even did my nails in glitter!

Pretty fancy, huh?

Well, this how we ended up 20 minutes after I took the top photo.

We didn’t even make it out of Hendersonville.  A young 17 year old boy passed a stop sign and T boned us on my side of the car.  I passed out because the next thing I knew, we were turned around, my headband went flying across the car and my glasses were knocked off my head.  The EMT’s used two Jaws of Life to open my door and get me out.  At the hospital they did xrays, and ct scans.  I did not break anything but I’m pretty banged up.  Because I am on coumadin I have bruises on my chest and abdomen.  I have a huge lump on my right neck .  It is just going to take a lot of time to heal.  Buddy is banged up.  His neck and back are hurting.  We are very lucky nothing was broken.  Buddy’s poor new car looks so sad.  I don’t think it can be fixed, neither does anyone else.  Buddy, however, loves that car and wants to get it fixed.  I think he will be very sorry.  His son in law, David, use to fix cars and he told Buddy that a year could go by before anything major could happen.  It could take a year for the stress to break something.  There’s  no talking to Buddy.  He has his mind made up.  

We went back to Buddy’s house and just hunkered down for the weekend.  Sterm (his cat) was happy to see us.

He loves to sleep with us.

He really is a sweet, loving cat.  However, he has claws and he doesn’t always know to use them.

Took another picture of my nails just for the heck of it.

So that was our big Memorial Day Weekend. Our lives turned on a dime.  I am very thankful that Buddy and I are alive and will heal.  I’m thankful no one else was hurt in the accident.  I am just very thankful!

Many blessings! 

Many blessings! 

3 comments to On a Dime

  • Dave Bruyn

    Hi, Bernadette I’m so glad that you and Buddy didn’t break anything and that you will heal. The shock of such an event is an emotional wake-up and yes, your life CAN change on a dime. Ours did but it gave us a new perspective on life. Something to be grateful for in spite of the losses. So, as you move forward, this event will remain in your memory as the one that didn’t get you. It got the car, but it’s just steel and plastic. The important part….you and Buddy are okay. In the overview, it is the least of anyone’s concern, perhaps something that Buddy will come to realize soon enough.

  • You both are so lucky! Still can’t believe you drove down to Charlotte — you made no mention of that in your post. Glad you are doing well. Love and miss you!

    PS: The nails are pretty but blurry! 😀

  • Oh Man, I’m so glad you’re o.k.!!!! Your nails look fabulous…I love glitter.
    Hugs and Love,

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